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 WGL Halo Relaunch

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PostSubject: WGL Halo Relaunch   Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:10 pm

WGL Halo: http://wglhalo.xippy.co.uk/ is back under new management. The leagues collapsed due to the arrival of Black Ops but now that the crushing impact of Black Ops has passed, the aim is to establish and maintain an active Halo League.

The aimed launch date is Monday 3rd of January but a lot of things need to happen between now and then such as establishment of rules, settings and of course sign ups. I hope to stick to the rules of the first season but settings are up for discussion. I have posted a news item and a poll on the site so the community can have their opinions considered. But the choice is pretty straight forward (1)Default (2)MLG (3)Former WGL Settings. So get your opinion in

As for signups, sign ups will open once I get a general opinion on interest and have the settings/rules set. I am hoping to see most if not all the former participating clans return and some new faces. If you are unfamiliar with WGL Halo. It is a site run for a Reach league and operated similarly to the main WGL site.


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PostSubject: Re: WGL Halo Relaunch   Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:37 am

cheers for the heads up mate

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WGL Halo Relaunch
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