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 H&K:H vs vT (Victory) 19/08/2010

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PostSubject: H&K:H vs vT (Victory) 19/08/2010   Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:43 am

Tonight H&K:H played their week 4 WGL match versus vT and this is how it went...

H&K:H vs vT
This Game was a well fought battle from both teams, it seemed like both teams enjoyed themselves and played well. Since we were the Home team it meant that vT had choice of spawn, we believed they would go for bottom, this was not the case and they went for the top team which left us with bottom spawn.

Domination – 200-111

At the very start we captured the C flag and then we moved onto securing the area around B, with everyone is positions this was very easy. We got the signal to capture it and did so. When captured we held our previous positions to the very best of our abilities. vT kept on pushing for the B flag, with our team in positions and with the help of air support and UAVs it made it near impossible to cap the flag. vT did manage to capture B once or twice however Havok was on the case and quickly secured it back. In the last few minutes of the game vT managed to also secure C however we knew we had won this ended the game for a 200-111 win.

Search & Destroy – 4-0

In round one we were defending, everyone got into their positions, straight off one of the havok team dies, a few deaths and kills went by which left one of our guys left and three of vT members alive, this meant it was a 1v3 situation, we managed to kill all three of them without them planting the bomb.
Round two also went smoothly, this time we were attacking with the obvious choice to rush A bombsite. We managed to secure the area around A before planting with help from grenades it was an easy task to clear the A bombsite out. Once we believed we took them all out we planted at A, from here there was only one of vT left, we managed to take him out who was located in the catwalk above A.
In round 3 we got into our positions for a second time, this time they took another one of our guys off of the A bomb, we held our positions however when there was one guy left he managed to plant at the A bombsite however one of our guys saw him run into car park around the back of the bomb, we quickly killed him and got the defuse to make the game at 3-0.
In round 4, We decided to rush bomb site A again, we managed to kill one guy and then with the help of two predators we managed to kill one guy in the A bombsite. We then took out another 2 guys, following two deaths from Havok. The last person from vT was on the ramp behind B bombsite and fell to his death to give us the win of 4-0.

Demolition – 2-0

In round one we were attacking, from start we knew we had to take plane and quickly, we rushed our team to the plane and with help from tactical insertions we secured the plane fairly easily. We got the plant down and secured the plane and made sure they didn’t get the defuse, once B blew up we moved onto the A bomb site which was another easy take for us we held positions to give us a lead of 1-0.
We were now on defence, from start we believed they would take plane like we did however they rushed A and got the plant down and secured the bombsite for longer enough to let it blow, we continued to hold our postions inside plane with all 5 of us around plane it was an easy task. We held the plane for the rest of the game to give us the win of 2-0 and a final victory of 3-0.

Well played lads, also good game vT.

Match Report by HK Pricey

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H&K:H vs vT (Victory) 19/08/2010
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