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 H&K:H vs MWG:BB (Victory) 15/08/2010

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PostSubject: H&K:H vs MWG:BB (Victory) 15/08/2010   Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:27 am

Tonight H&K:H played their week 3 WGL match versus MWG:BB and this is how it went...

Overall this game was a well played match, everyone played as a team and enjoyed it. We had host which meant they had spawn choice and picked bottom which left us with the top spawn which we had predicted.

Domination – 200 - 99

From start 1 we all knew what we had to do, with B being an obvious choice for bottom spawn to rush we decided that with support from the machine gun turret C was an easy flag cap as MWG as we thought, rushed most of their team to B Flag. After capping both A and C we all dropped into our defensive postitions. At first MWG were trying to recapture the C flag, during this time they had one pushing the bunker and one sitting on B. Once they knew that we weren't going to let them capture C they moved onto the A flag, they managed to get onto to the flag a few times however we had this covered. We managed to hold them off both flags for the rest of the game thanks to some handy predators and UAVs. The end result was 200 - 99 points victory.

Search & Destroy – 4 - 0

In round one we were attacking and choose to rush the B bombsite, one of us died before we got the plant down and the other died just as the bomb was planted, we held the bombsite well and managed to stop them from defusing giving us the round.
Round two also went smoothly, this time we was defending, MWG moved through the middle and went to A bombsite but just couldn't break through our defence at the bombsite, and we managed to pick them off to take the second round.
In round 3 we decided to take the bomb to B again, we managed to take 3 of opposition out before planting the bomb, we then took the remainder of the team out which came from A bombsite.
In round 4, MWG rushed to A bombsite, they managed to get our guy off the bomb site with a well placed semtex, after they took our guy out they got the plant in, two of them rushed around the lake we managed to take them out, we killed another 2 of them around the bomb site, we then started to defuse it, in the progress of defusing we managed to kill the last guy alive and win the round to make it a perfect game of 4 - 0.

Demolition – 2 - 0

In round one we were attacking, we decided to go for B first, once we got into the shed next to B we planted it. We all held our positions covering the bomb site. Once the bombsite was destroyed we then moved to A bombsite, Two of us went around the back and secured the car park while the others rushed in through the main door and secured the bombsite, once it was secured we planted and held positions until the bombsite blew up, this gave us the round win.
We were now on defence for round 2, we expected that they would rush B so we only kept one of us at A which meant they got the plant down pretty fast, once the bomb was planted two of us cleared the bombsite out and covered the over person while they was defusing. With a successful first plant, MWG decided to come back to A bombsite and try to plant again this time there was two of us, we held our positions and managed to defend A for the rest of the game, in the end time ran out and that gave us the win of 2-0.

Well played lads, also good game MWG who didn’t give up throughout.

Report written by HK Pricey

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H&K:H vs MWG:BB (Victory) 15/08/2010
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