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 Patch upcoming

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PostSubject: Patch upcoming   Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:57 am

obviously CTF is back but the rest they talk about is stll there and i havent noticed an update yet so i think the rest of whats written below maybe to come.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's online multiplayer has been a source of more than a little annoyance amongst its thriving community of dedicated players since its November 2009 launch, with more exploits and glitches than you can shake an AK47 at.

Infinity Ward's Rob Bowling has responded to some of these gripes via Twitter, and now the developer may be readying a few new patches and playlist updates to address the worst of these while adding some new features to boot.

Chief amongst these is the One Man Army exploit, which involves using the One Man Army perk with the Danger Close perk to indiscriminately fire grenades from your 'noob tube' (grenade launcher), into the air and pelt distant enemies without being seen. The One Man Army perk enables you to switch classes at any time during a match, so you can constantly replenish your supply of grenades, meaning that you can dominate a match without moving an inch.

Bowling has explained that Infinity Ward has "been testing and experimenting with multiple OMA tweaks looking for the best solution," adding that "we’re testing what should be the final tweak to OMA. If that goes through, I'll post when to expect an update."

Then there's the rock glitch on the Fuel stage, which allows you to conceal yourself inside a certain boulder and shoot passing opponents without being seen. As far as a fix for this is concerned, Bowling writes: "No ETA on it, but I'm hoping to know soon and yes, the Rock on Fuel will be included in those updates."

There are currently no plans to fix an issue involving Spinning Skull Emblems however, as Infinity Ward is focused on getting these other fixes and new playlist updates out of the door first. "No news, they've been sidetracked with testing patch and playlist updates, which took priority," writes Bowling.

Modern Warfare 2's playlist updates will include the return of 'Capture the Flag Only' and some new Hardcore Modes too. These patches and updates should hopefully arrive in the near future, but there are no concrete dates at present.

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Patch upcoming
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