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 WGL - Premiership League Fixtures

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Rory Price
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PostSubject: WGL - Premiership League Fixtures   Tue May 18, 2010 3:04 pm

Havok & Kaos Fixtures

Week 1: vVi v H&K
Week 2: H&K v BTR
Week 3: MWG:KK v H&K
Week 4: H&K v NSD
Week 5: H&K v DOW
Week 6: TFC:F v H&K
Week 7: VXR v H&K

Maps & Modes

Week 1

1st: TDM HC ON Afghan
2nd: DEM CORE ON Favela
3rd: S&D HC ON Karachi
4th: CTF CORE ON Quarry
5th: DOM CORE ON Rundown

Week 2

1st: DOM CORE ON SubBase
2nd: S&D HC ON Terminal
3rd: CTF CORE ON Invasion
4th: DEM CORE ON Skidrow
5th: TDM HC ON Derail

Week 3

1st: S&D HC ON Derail
2nd: CTF CORE ON HighRise
3rd:TDM HC ON Scrapyard
4th: DEM CORE ON Underpass
5th: DOM CORE ON Wasteland

Week 4

1st: DEM CORE ON Terminal
2nd: TDM HC ON Karachi
3rd: DOM CORE ON Invasion
4th: S&D HC ON Quarry
5th: CTF CORE ON Underpass

Week 5

1st: S&D HC ON Afghan
2nd: DOM CORE ON Favela
3rd: DEM CORE ON Scrapyard
4th: CTF CORE ON Subbase
5th: TDM HC ON Underpass

Week 6

1st: CTF CORE ON Favela
2nd: S&D HC ON Subbase
3rd: TDM HC ON Skidrow
4th: DEM CORE ON Rundown
5th: DOM CORE ON Karachi

Week 6

1st: DEM CORE ON Invasion
2nd: TDM HC ON Terminal
3rd: DOM CORE ON Afghan
4th: S&D HC ON Underpass
5th: CTF CORE ON Skidrow
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WGL - Premiership League Fixtures
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