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 Hardened edition and wgl news

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PostSubject: Hardened edition and wgl news    Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:45 am

Think everyone knows that with the hardened edition of mw3 which is £80.00 you get 20 peices of dlc including the map packs and a years subcription to COD Elite, so in the long run if your gonna buy them your saving your money.
Found out last night in the WGL admin meeting that, there will be a map pack released in january and i think two in feb cant remeber that hardened edition owners can download and play BUT non hardened edition owners wont be able to get their hands on the map packs till march (pretty gay really, bit like p).
Also by pre-ordering it you become a founder so you'll be able to get bonus stuff. Probably not that exciting tbf im a founder on fifa ultimate team and all ya get is 2 gold packs for free when a new fifa comes out, still a bonus but nowt amazing.
On cod elite you have to be over 18 and prove it with a credit card or debit card, so joe youd have to pester ya mum if you want it.
There will be daily/nightly tournaments with prizes, the touneys ladders will be seperated by contry aswell so one for usa,england,germay and more but cant remeber but basically the main contries, the rest will all be thrown together like the spanish and italians.
youll be able to prestige as a clan aswell not 100% sure what that actually means but its possible to do it.
Thats pretty much all i can remeber on that.
on other news to do about WGL the sponsorship with scuff should kick in for mw3 once mels signed the contract, the prizes scuff will be providing is 20 scuff controllers a season for 2 seasons. Not sure how they will be shred out to winners tho.
Last thing aswell WGL is now part of the XBOX connection network (or whatever its called) and will get invited to five events a year by XBOX all expenses paid so itll be able to bring all the info on new games etc so there will be more news posts like the COD XP event coming in the future.

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xKing Will
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PostSubject: Re: Hardened edition and wgl news    Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:03 am

Thanks for mentioning me biz, you goon. Also learn to spell remember.
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Hardened edition and wgl news
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