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 mayweather vs ortiz

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PostSubject: mayweather vs ortiz   Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:38 am

Did anyone else watch this fight on saturday, it was pretty good night of boxing i thought apart from the bizzare ending.
Cano got his face smashed in by morales found the 10th round stoppage on youtube, ive never seen a face that bad. his face explodes around 1.45 and ya get a close up at bout 2.00.
i have no idea how he managed to get to round 10 his face was fucked from the 4th round.

and the mayweather k.o. A headbutt a kiss a hug and a knockout all in about 15seconds, pretty long vid so if you cant be arsed skip to 2.40 you'll see the finale and skip again to 5.55 for the craziest post match interview ever.

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mayweather vs ortiz
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